SHS character
Alexei Harp
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
Age 19-20
Grade Second year in college
Friends Friends Stiletto Reed, Darren Clark, Skazz van Tooten, Steve
Enemies Enemies Twin Branches High
Love Interests Heart Porscha Collins
First Football Season
Final Wilson Strikes Back

Alexei Harp is the school bully at Wilson High, the rival school of Centerscore High. He made his first appearance in Football Star when he, along with his sidekicks Darren and Steve came to Centerscore High to fight the football team at Centerscore. The three bullies were beaten however.


Since Football Star, Alexei has made several appearances in trying to fight Centerscore. For example, Alexei and his friends stole Centerscore's float in A Float is Born and crashing Hector and Howard's party in Best Party Ever.

Alexei graduated from Wilson High in Howard's Last Day when Howard, Hector and Ben crashed Wilson High's graduation ceremony. Alexei still hates Howard and Brendan for crashing his party. As of now, he is in second year in college and is 19-20. The character was written off the series. She then goes back to Twin Branches High. Alexei graduated as the Wilson High class of 2012.


Love InterestsEdit

Porscha CollinsEdit

Alexei is currently in a relationship with Wilson High's Head Cheerleader and Taylor's enemy, Porscha Collins. In Football Star, if John and Beth date and break up and don't get back together, Alexei and Beth get together.


Steve & DarrenEdit

Steve and Darren don’t seem nearly as tough without Alexei leading them; in Football Season, they are almost as bad as he is, but in The Wrong Side Of Town, they run away as soon as they see Brendan. Towards the later areas of the series, Alexei regards Steve as an idiot, berating him whenever he says something stupid, and telling him to get his act tougher.


Wilson High's most devious and competitive troublemaker, Alexei is usually the one leading Steve and Darren in various pranks, plots, and ploys against Twin Branches High.

Alexei is deemed a troublemaker and prankster. Throughout his time in high school, he was included in multiple pranks, such as raiding the Freedom Festival in the episode of the same name. Alexei is also slightly aggressive, as shown by his and Steve's relationship, where he constantly berates Steve's ignorance.


Alexei has blonde, Caesar-styled hair and has a small goatee on his chin. He wears black, moon-framed glasses and a red shirt.


Alexei was in the Wilson High class of 2012 graduates, indicating that he is in his second year of college and is 19-20 years old.