SHS character
Chad Slater
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Friends Friends Carson, Preston Graves, Lee Chen, Mark Backbutter, Percy
Enemies Enemies Colt Warren
First Sam's Formation, Part 1
Final Real Life Hero

Chad Slater was a student at Twin Branches, but attended Spartan Academy before. His most notable storyline is his leadership in season 10 of The New Girl, The Spartan Games.


Chad's first appearance is in This is Spartan. He is critical of Colt Warren, due to his poor financial status, and doesn't believe that Colt has what it takes to become a Spartan. He is even more infuriated when Percy gives Colt an invitation to join the Immortals society.

When Spartan Academy students are forced to attend Centerscore High in 300's a Crowd, Chad, like the rest of the Spartans is of course agitated. However, he does not appear until the end of the episode, when he reminds the Spartan and Centerscore students about the Spartan Games commencing soon. He promises his fellow Spartans clandestinely that the games will be used as revenge against Centerscore High for what Colt did--shutting down Spartan Academy.

Chad is one of the five students left in the games. He is eventually eliminated by Centerscore student, Sam Hill and Spartan student, Nick Brown. He is additionally seen in Faceplace Zero, where he is assisted help in math by Ben Kale. Chad also helps rescue a few Spartans and Spencer Cooper in Real Life Hero, after the earthquake.

Chad strangely never appears after the Season 10 finale.




Chad looked up to Percy. He was a subordinate to Percy, obeying every command he uttered. When Percy was deported, Chad promised to avenge Percy by winning the Spartan Games.


Colt WarrenEdit

From the start of Colt's encounter, Chad never liked Colt. At first, it was because of his financial status, but it later develops as a grudge for getting Percy deported and demolishing Spartan Academy.


Like the traditional rich people stereotype, Chad is self-centered, dim-witted and snobby. He was very reluctant and against the idea of Colt Warren joining the Immortals society, due to his economic status and lack of Spartan-type qualities. Chad was the unintelligent right-hand-man to Percy in season 9 of The New Girl, Colt Reformed, such as when he slips information about the Immortals and conspicuously calls Percy "Zeus".

However, when Spartan and Centerscore High merge, thanks to an intuitive week-long course he took, Chad appears much more perspicacious than before, specifically when he mentions how undemocratic it would be of Centerscore High to have already elect a school president, even though 300 more students began attending.


Chad has styled blonde hair and a long face with a "butt" chin. He wears black sunglasses and a purple v-neck with thick black and thin white stripes.


  • In A Spartan Love Story, Part One, Nick says Chad's last name is Chad Crocker, but in 300's A Crowd, it is said to be Slater.