SHS character
Chip Chapman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Black with blonde highlights
Eyes Gray
Age 10-14
Brother Spike Chapman
Friends Friends Elmo Vale, Kay and Kel DeGeest, and Madeline Warren
Crushes Kay and Kel DeGeest
First Flex Games
Latest Getaway
Nice. So I won't have to sell my scab on the internet after all!

–Chip Chapman to his brother, Spud

Chip Chapman is Spike’s younger brother. He wants to be a skateboarder just like Spike, and had a huge crush on Kay and Kel, Howard’s twin sisters. He is a sweet boy who wants to help his family. 


Spike's little bro, Chip has a major crush on two of the cutest girls in town... Kay and Kel!
Chip first appeared in Flex Games, where he encouraged Spike to do crazy stunts in order to win the flex games. The money received from the games could help out the family very well. Thankfully his brother ended up winning to the joy of Chip.

During Thanksgiving time the brothers journey around to receive a turkey for their meal but couldn't get one. However that night everybody who the Chapman's encountered brought them food ending up to be called the best Thanksgiving ever!