SHS character
Darren Clark
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Friends Friends Skazz van Tooten, Porscha Collins, Steve
Enemies Enemies Twin Branches
Ex-Girlfriend Heartbreak Angie
First Football Season
Latest The Kimi Dates

Darren Clark is a student at Wilson High and member of its football and basketball team. His most notable storyline is his clandestine affair with Angie Donovan from Twin Branches High.


Darren appears multiple times in Surviving High School, partaking in pranking Twin Branches High School, whether it be raiding their Freedom Festival, or cutting off their school mascot's, Lyle the Lizard, tail. However, Darren comes to significance when him and Angie are revealed to be having a secret affair, due to their school's rivalries.

In The Secret Life of Owen Harris, Darren is seen with Steve at Twin Branches High, mocking them for their recent loss against them during the basketball game. They are later seen at the near end of the episode, confused when Owen says that he beat up Skazz because they jumped Owen. However since then, their relationship has improved with him.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Angie DonovanEdit

Darren was in a secret relationship with Angie, which had eventually ended.


Being a Wilson High student and therefore having little coverage time, Darren's personality is unclear. However, being on the Wilson High basketball and football team, it is presumed that he is athletic.


Darren has dark skin and a black army-styled haircut. He wears a royal blue v-neck. He has an identical appearance to Jake, a friend of Owen's from Pinecrest High.