SHS character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 15-16
Occupation Swimmer
Crush Heart Ben Kale
Family Cameron Clark (half-brother)
Friends Friends Lindsay Vale, Hannah Holmes, Jenna Stansfield
Enemies Enemies Emily Kessler, Kimi Chen
First Surviving High School: The Novel
Latest How To Be A Star
Of course. He just doesn’t know it yet. But don’t worry, after he sees what I’m wearing to his party this Friday, he’ll be begging to take me to homecoming—and to do a whole lot more after the dance. I hope that’s not a problem, sweetie. I kind of got the sense the other day that you might have a little crush on Ben, too. I hope little Swimbot won’t get her feelings hurt. Or do you even have those?

–Dominique to Emily Kessler, Surviving High School: The Novel

Dominique Clark is a character from the Surviving High School Novel. She was introduced as the most popular freshman and Cameron Clark's half sister. Dominique is on the swim team like her half brother and was the antagonist of the novel, vying for Ben Kale's affections against Emily Kessler. Dominique has not made an in-game appearance but had a bonus section of the How To Be a Star novel dedicated to her decision to move back to Twin Branches. Her most notable storyline to date has been her rivalry with Emily Kessler in the Surviving High School novels.


Much of Dominique's backstory is revealed in the bonus chapter of How To Be A Star, "How to Get Back Up", such as her insecurity with her appearance and what was going through her mind during certain events of the first novel, Surviving High School: The Novel. The story explains that when she moved to California in eighth grade, she was unpopular and deemed undateable by the boys in her school. It wasn't until she met Lindsay and was introduced to makeup, face wash to clear her acne, better clothes and started filling out that she was considered attractive. Transferring to Twin Branches for her first year of high school with Lindsay, Dominique was proud of herself when she started gaining the respect and approval of her peers. It had been Ben she was trying to impress when she was eating the pizza in the cafeteria and she was jealous when she noticed how easily Emily was able to make Ben laugh when he seemed so bored with Dominique before. A lot of Dominique's hatred towards Emily stems from how effortlessly Emily was able to get Ben to fall in love with her and how Dominique believes she takes the things in her life for granted (such as having a father who was an Olympic athlete in swimming to train her).


Dominique's character is only present during the first novel of the Surviving High School series and, due to her departure to go train with another school, is not featured in the game. Her character is mentioned in Showcase Sabotage, Part 1 but she has never been introduced into the game.

Surviving High School: The NovelEdit

Introduced on the first day of school to the rest of her peers, Dominique quickly takes her place as the most popular female freshman. Having competed against Emily in swim competitions in the past, Dominique and Emily already have developed a bitter rivalry, though most of it is one sided with Emily trying to avoid her. Taking her seat at the Center table with the other popular students, Dominique is seen being cheered on by the jocks as she scarfs down two boxes of pizza. Many of the boys find this ability to be attractive, especially Spencer Cooper who becomes infatuated with her. Dominique is oblivious to his crush as she has her sights set on Ben Kale. Dominique continues to tease and belittle Emily throughout the novel, it being noted that Emily's insecurity of changing in front of the other girls derives from having her developing body be mocked by her. After hearing that Emily was heard crying during lunch, Dominique finds Emily in the locker room and teases her, coining the nickname 'swimbot'. Sam quickly comes to Emily's defense, cutting Dominique down a peg.

Being chosen to be featured in 'Swimmer's Monthly' with Emily, Emily's story overshadows her piece of the article. Watching Emily's popularity within the school grow because of this media attention makes Dominique jealous. At Ben's birthday party the next Friday, a very drunk Dominique walks around searching for Ben while unaware that he is hiding from her with Emily. Dominique grows jealous and angry when she catches them in the pool together and waits until Ben leaves to confront Emily. Tripping on Emily's dress, Dominique falls into the pool and is laughed at by the partygoers.

Detaching herself from the popular crowd to focus purely on swimming so she can beat Emily in the upcoming Junior Nationals, Dominique decides to get back at Emily one last time by emailing her father anonymously and tipping him off about Emily dating Ben and their late night dates. During qualifications, both Dominique and Emily qualify although not only does Dominique beat Emily's time, she beats Emily's dead sister, Sara's time. Emily decides not to go to Junior Nationals and instead goes to Homecoming with Ben although when Ben finds out that Emily has given up Junior Nationals for him, Ben drives Emily to Junior Nationals and Dominique's time is the same as it was during qualifications. Emily beats Dominique, however.

How To Be A StarEdit

Although not a character in the second novel, a short story titled "How To Get Back Up" written in her perspective is included as bonus content at the back of the book.

It is revealed that following Junior Nationals, Dominique transferred out of Twin Branches and into Bellvue Sports Academy. Training and pushing herself harder to accomplishe faster lap times, Dominique bears a deep grudge against Emily, feeling that she has taken away everything from her: popularity, Junior Nationals, and Ben. Dominique trains harder and harder so that when the day comes to compete against Emily again, she can win. Visited by her half-brother Cameron, she is caught up on the story of Kimi's viral video and is confided in when Cameron's mind has been heavily weighed down with thoughts of Sara Kessler. It is because of her conversation with Cameron that later that night, Dominique comes to the realization that she has been running from her problems and will someday need to face them. Packing up her bags, Dominique greets Cameron the next morning and announces her decision to move back to Twin Branches. While hugging him, Dominique voices her true motives: getting back her popularity, winning Ben's heart and taking down Emily.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Ben KaleEdit

Domonique had a crush on Ben Kale. She would consistently flirt with him, believing he liked her back. During Ben's party, she even goes searching for Ben, but Ben does not feel the same about her.


Emily KesslerEdit

So I just want you to know that I’m coming at you full-on now. I started a new eating plan, and I’m adding another hour of practice to my normal routine. I’m done with parties, drinking, staying out late, all of it. There’s no point in doing that stuff anyway. I won’t be happy until I destroy you at Junior Nationals.

–Dominique to Emily Kessler, Surviving High School: The Novel

Dominique is jealous of Emily for two reasons.

Being the daughter of an Olympic athlete, Emily was instantly provided the best training, making Dominique envy Emily, as she also believes Emily takes this opportunity for granted. Emily and Dominique were also one of the best members on the swim team, both of them in fact breaking records--Dominique first, Emily second.

The second reason for Dominique's jealousy being that Emily is dating Ben Kale, Dominique's crush. Dominique was upset by how effortlessly Emily got Ben to like her.


Once seen as one of the most popular girls in school, Dominique was a hit with both girls and boys as her popularity initially stemmed from being related to Cameron Clark and her attractiveness. Outgoing with a love of constant attention and spotlight, Dominique could be seen in the cafeteria often competing in food competitions and dares while the boys from various sports teams cheered her on nearby. While she had a lot of power, Dominique also tended to be a bully to those she thought of as below her and antagonized Emily Kessler after the death of her sister, coming up with cruel nicknames for her.

Dominique also has exhibited traits of vanity, competitiveness, clinginess and vengefulness. She currently holds a strong grudge against Emily, believing that she has taken away everything from her: popularity, swim records and Ben Kale.


Dominique was most recently a sophomore in high school meaning that she was between the ages of 15 and 16.


Oh, he’s totally right. We ended up having to go to these awful parties with Michael Phelps and some of the other guys from the Olympic team. So boring. I’m sure you were better off here at Twin Branches with Coach. I can’t wait to start working with him again.

–Dominique to Emily Kessler, Surviving High School: The Novel

Ben and I had to sit talking to him for, like, half an hour while he told me about his dad’s landscaping business. And he spilled his drink on my cell. I’m totally unfriending him on Facebook.

–Dominique to Lindsay Vale, Surviving High School: The Novel

As if a boy would even touch her. Emily—she’s basically not a person. Dating her would be like dating a toaster. She’s a robot. A swimbot. Oh! Swimbot. I think someone just got a new nickname!

–Dominique to Lindsay Vale, Surviving High School: The Novel


  • Although she had a strong and obvious crush on Ben throughout the novel, Dominique was oblivious to his dislike of her and Spencer Cooper's crush on her.
  • Her best friend is Lindsay Vale whom she met in eighth grade. They made the move to Twin Branches for their freshman year together.
  • She moved into the Twin Branches area so she could specifically train with Coach Kessler. Dominique often felt annoyed with this decision however since he pays closer attention to his daughter than her.
  • She was only invited to Ben's parties because he wanted to give Spencer a chance to hook up with her.