SHS character
Elmo Vale
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Age 10-14
Sister Friends Taylor Vale
Friends Friends Chip, Kay, Kel, and Madeline
First Football Season
Latest Getaway

Elmo Vale is Taylor's younger brother. His most notable appearance is when he was the biggest fan of John Johnson and got the game football from him. His biggest interest is in chess.


He was John's biggest fan in Football Season. He first appeared when John was not playing and Elmo greets him saying that he should remember his biggest fan, Elmo. Later on, the Wide Receiver, Howard had an accident then John have to replace him and to play the game. Secondly he appeared when John won of the games and he accidentally forgot what name was his. You should pass the mini-game. There are 4 choices: Elmer, Jimmy, Elmo and "make something up." If you choose Elmo, you will pass the game, increase your popularity, and Taylor will appear and say: "You made my younger brother so happy! What a cool guy."

Elmo proved to still be a fan of John even when he went to college. In Holiday Cheer, he played in a chess competition during Christmas Eve continuing to hate the holiday time. She tried to ruin the holiday event that she and the cheerleaders helped out in by sabotaging the presents but eventually got caught and started to appreciate the holidays more. On Christmas day Elmo and their mom came home. it turns out that Elmo purposely performed bad so he can come home early in order to spent time with his sister and gave her a chess set. Taylor then went to Centerscore University to get the game ball from John that he signed for him.

During Homecoming Princess, he wakes up from Taylor, who is up at dawn. He shows disapproval, when his sister explains to him that he is rigging the ballot box, claiming that she doesn't need to do that. Still, he supports his sister in what she is doing.

Elmo most recently appears in the bonus scene of Getaway when he wakes up Christmas morning to receive a brand new game console from his mother who got it from the charity.


  • Elmo shares looks with that of Ken's little brother.