Homecoming Queen
Season 1, Episode 18.5
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In this mega pack, a transfer girl named Emily (You get to name this character), will compete against the school's most popular girl at the time: Paula. The objective of this one is to become Homecoming Queen, which means you need to bring a boy to the dance, win more votes than your rival, Paula,and out

One look Emily could have.


Another look for Emily that the player can choose.

dance her in a dance competition


At the start of the episode, Paula explains to Taylor how she's so confident about winning homecoming queen since the only person who has a chance (Taylor) broke her leg. But Taylor notices a girl who may actually have a chance: a new girl named Emily. The girls called her over and she revealed that she just transfered from a dance school. Paula took this as competition and started a rumor that she had lice. Taylor who secretly hated Paula, and wanted to take her down, motivated Taylor to try to run for the homecoming queen and she did. Throughout the week, Emily went to every clique she could and even was able to get a date with Jacob/Kenji/Ryan depending on how this is played. Many people voted for her either because she did them a favor, or that they just hated Paula. Another candiate who ran was Amanda but she stood no chance against Paula. Paula played dirty by kissing other guys while she was dating Andy, breaking Taylor leg so she wouldn't be able to compete, try to convince Andy to slingshot Emily as she was walking down the stairs, and even told Jacob to bump into her and pretend to like her so he can sabotage he. However, justice was served as Paula tripped and broke her leg at the dance after she lost to Emily. Emily gathered enough votes to win and enough dance experience to be able to out-dance Paula, making her the homecoming queen that year!

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