SHS character
Jane Summers
Aliases Sourpants McFeminist (Hannah Holmes)
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Age 16-17
Friends Friends Hannah Holmes, Sara Kessler, Linda Carter, Sam Hill, Emily Kessler
Ex-Boyfriend Heartbreak Cameron Clark

Jane Summers is a student at Twin Branches High School. She is part of the Twin Branches' swim team.


Jane appears all throughout Surviving High School, but is inclusively no more than a member of the swim team.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Cameron ClarkEdit

In Swim Team Trip, Cameron and Jane are dating. Some time between the events of the episode and Swim Retreat, Part 1, the two broke up.


Jill's key trait is that she is a critical feminist, and often condemns the stereotypes regarding the female gender society has created. She is very opposed against boys and refuses dating any, until Cameron Clark, whom she had a massive crush on.


Jill has jet black hair in a bob, parted in two sides and brown eyes. She wears an orange-brown v-neck tank top.

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