SHS character
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Jill Patterson
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Eyes Gray
Age 18-19
Occupation Student
Friends Friends Nicole Blackwell, Zoe Davis, Maria Gonzalez, Keith Sanders, Amanda Applebee, Hector Alonzo
Enemies Enemies Jessica Blaire
First The New Girl
Latest The Winter Dance

Jillian Patterson, better known as "Jill", is an unpopular girl who was on the cheer squad. She is currently the captain of the tumbling team.


Jill appears throughout the Classics and The New Girl, primarily as a background character in the cheerleading squad. In The New Girl as Zoe's enemy, but voted for her as being more athletic. In Cheer Off, she attempted to become head cheerleader, but pushed the girls too far in terms of athletics. This is the first time in Surviving High School where you can play as her, along with Nicole, Keith and Maria. As of the Troublemakers reboot, Jill has quit the squad to become captain of the Tumbling club. 


Though there have been no appearance or reference to Jill's significant other, in Season 1: A New Start, during a truth or dare game at a party, Jill came out of the room crying since she was talking about a tough breakup she had meaning that she has been in a relationship before.


Jill's only known trait is her athleticism. Among the cheerleading squad, Jill was the most athletic, having trained Zoe Davis and based her value to the squad off of her athleticism, rather than the other girls, who based off of who they liked better. Moreover, Jill was not chosen as head cheerleader, as during her examination, she pushed the girls too far. Jill is known as well outside of the squad for her athleticism, such as by Paige, who created a Tumbling club, aware of how fit Jill is.


Jill has short blue hair and wears a pink and black tank top. She has gray eyes and wears a black choker with pink spikes. Her lipstick color is a dark shade of purple.

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