SHS character
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Principal McCormick
Aliases Principal Shapiro (former name), Shaps (Scott Delveccio)
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Gray
Eyes Gray
Occupation Former principal at Twin Branches High
Love Interest Heart Carlos Monte
Latest Heart to Hart

Principal Kathy McCormick (previously referred to as Principal Shapiro) was the former principal of Twin Branches High. She worked at the school for almost 15 years, before being fired for inappropriate relationships with government officials.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Officer MonteEdit

Officer Monte has a crush on Principal McCormick. They first meet in the episode Halloween: In Colt Blood Colt Blood. In the special episode Amanda's Valentines Day, there is a hint that she and Monte might have some sparks.

The two's budding romance is finally confirmed in Heart to Hart. However, their relationship was forbidden, as they were both government officials, but was soon discovered. As a result, Principal McCormick lost her job as principal. However, there is still a chance that she can get her position back.

Principal McCormickEdit

Kathy was always referred to as Principal Shapiro until recently when she is called by Principal McCormick. It is assumed that Shapiro and McCormick are the same person since they look the same, and the later was said to be working at Twin Branches for a long time, and still has a budding relationship with Officer Monte. It is unknown how her name was changed.