SHS character
Kay and Kel DeGeest
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Age 12-13
Grade 7th grade
Family Howard DeGeest (brother), Kara DeGeest (sister), Horace DeGeest and Katherine (parents)
First Football Season

Katherine "Kay" and Kelly Marie "Kel" DeGeest are Howard DeGeest's younger twin sisters.


Kay and Kel are first seen in Football Season. They are complete pranksters, and drive Howard slightly barmy during Football Season trying to “help” him out by putting stickers on his helmet and stealing the Coach’s wallet. But after hearing that he got hurt, they get revenge against Wilson, by putting stickers on their helmet.

Kay and Kel make various other appearances, including in the classic episode, Twinstigators, season three episode of The New Girl, Holiday Cheer, the season seven episode of The New Girl, Homecoming, The Dance, among many others. Kay and Kel are also the center of many specials, such as Pranksgiving.



Howard DeGeestEdit

Howard is the twins' older brothers and is commonly the target of their pranks. The girls enjoy pranking him and sometimes get him in trouble without intending too, but also care for him greatly; Kay and Kel can be frequently seen getting back at someone (e.g. the football coach for yelling at Howard) if they feel as though they offended Howard in any way.


She may look like a little angel, but she's got the heart of a mischievous pixie.


If pranking were a sport, Kel would be a professional.


Though they enjoy making Howard miserable but they are also protective of him (displayed in Football Season when they steal the Coach's wallet after the way he yelled at Howard and when Howard suffers a head injury during a game - they stayed in the Hospital for the majority of the night.) They also steal Hector’s Music Box from Zach when he stops at their lemonade stand in Best Party Ever. Despite this, they seem genuinely fond of their big brother, and prank the Wilson High team when Howard is unable to play after a Wilson High player slashes his tires. During The Holiday Party, they become aggravated at Kim and Phil for not kissing under the mistletoe and later attempt to catapult a toad at the couple at the end of the party. However, Howard jumps in front of them and takes the toad to the face.


Being identical twins, Kay and Kel are facially alike; their only differences are their skin colors—Kay has lighter skin than Kel; Kel has hair in pigtails, while Kay has her hair down; Kel wears a purple shirt and Kay wears a hot pink one.


The girls' ages are 12-13 years old and so are in the seventh grade[1].


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