SHS character
Keith Sanders
Keith Sanders
Aliases 'The Male Cheerleader'
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 18-19
Occupation Student, Cheerleader
Friends Jill Patterson, Nicole Blackwell, Maria Gonzalez, Amanda Applebee, Hector Alonzo, Zoe Davis, Sam Hill
Relationships Heart Chelsea, Girl from Canada (rumored)
Latest Pyramid Scheme

Keith Sanders is a student at Twin Branches High, known as 'The Male Cheerleader'. Keith is the most feminine guy out of all the guys in Surviving High School. Keith has often appeared as a background character although his personality opened up more in The New Girl. Keith's most notable storyline has been his relationship with only-mentioned character, Chelsea.

Duration: The New Girl- Present

Storylines Edit

Keith first appears as the only male cheerleader on the squad before Hector joins. When Zoe is aiming to get a spot on the squad, Keith is friendly to her and shows her around. Keith and Zoe get to know each other and become good friends. Zoe thinks that Keith likes her and considers making a move on him although she then finds out that Keith already has a girlfriend named Chelsea. A while later, Keith tells Zoe that he has broken up with Chelsea and at homecoming, Nate Crawford lashes out at Keith as he thinks he is flirting with Zoe. Keith has appeared as a background character since this.

Keith along with the rest of the cheerleading team was last seen attending summer school.

In Pyramid Scheme, Keith is one of the cheerleaders who Paige and Kimi convince to quit. Paige and Keith examine how Keith is on the cheerleading team and conclude he has been bored and excluded, since Hector Alonzo graduated. The girls use Taylor Vale for help to get Keith to quit. Taylor asks if Keith even likes cheerleading anymore and Keith admits to not. Taylor offers him a spot in student government and Keith takes it, quitting the team.


He is most likely repeating his senior year of high school making him currently a senior, making him age 18 to 19.


The first guy at Centerscore High to become a cheerleader, Keith is confident and outgoing. He usually can be found with the popular crowd, but Keith is friendlier and more level-headed than most of the people in that crowd.

Keith has many feminine qualities. Keith mentions that he gets manicures, knows the lyrics to a few musicals, has immaculately gelled hair and wears designer clothes. He is also a male cheerleader. Keith is overall nice and friendly to everyone. Style is another trait that Keith is known to value.


Keith's image includes gelled hair with a green top, but he mentions that he has manicures and wears designer jeans too. Keith in 'The Super New Girl' asks Zoe if it would be okay to wear purple, which might mean he would also wear purple clothes.