SHS character
Lisa Greene
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Black
Age 22-23
Occupation Actress
Relationships Heartbreak John Johnson
Howard DeGeest
Friends Friends Elliana Concertina, Howard DeGeest, John Johnson
First Football Season
Latest Admit Weekend

Lisa Greene is one of the original characters created in Surviving high School. She is a choice of the four girls John could date. Her most notable storyline is, depending how John plays, is her relationship with John.


Lisa first appears when she and her friend, Elliana are handing out flyers for the school play. They hand flyers out to John and Howard. John and Howard later come to see the school play and at the cast party, John has an option to ask Lisa out. If he does ask Lisa out then they will start dating. If John does date her then Lisa and John will date for a few weeks and they will not go on stereotypical dates that he can go on with Beth and Raven. They will go on special Lisa-like dates. Lisa then moves away to film in LA although she comes back for the homecoming dance. Lisa currently lives in L.A and is a famous actress. She made her most recent appearances in Admit Weekend and College Stories.


With a wicked sense of humor, Lisa is far from a typical rich girl. An aspiring actress and singer, she spends her time starring in the school play and attending operas. She's also known for using her extravagant wealth to throw the best parties of the year.

Lisa is rich, has a good sense of humor, ambitious and has always dreamed of becoming an actress which is a goal she has completed.


Lisa is currently on her 5th year in college and is she is 22-23

Ken GreeneEdit

Lisa might  be related to Ken Greene from Cause of Death because of the same surname.