SHS character
Prissy Lecroix
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Age 18-19
Friends Friends Caroline Paige Lenx, Madisenn, Penelope

Prissy Lecroix is a student at Monarch Prep.


Prissy is first seen in Sam's Formation, Part 1, where she, Paige and Madisenn denigrate Sam Hill for her financial status. She is seen various times in the first and second part, doing this.

In the episode Erik's Date, Erik goes out with her and they eventually go together to Prom. She secretly likes to watch Space 'Splosions, Erik's favorite TV show, because she used to watch it with her brother. This is basically the reason Erik got a date with her in the first place. They still show interest in each other, as when the Wilson kids invade to search for Justin and Erik, they are discovered to be making out, Prissy even saying that she was 'very interested' in Erik.



Paige LenxEdit

Paige and Prissy were friends while Paige attended Monarch Prep. The two were frequently seen together, gossiping and consistently insulted Sam Hill.


Madisenn was a friend of Prissy's. The two, similar to Paige and Prissy's friendship, were frequently seen gossiping together and insulting Sam Hill.


One of the meanest of the Monarch Prep girls, Prissy is richer than rich and quick to spurn any advances from lesser boys!

She is rich and has a short temper and big attitude. She loves crashing college parties (like Paige) and is into hot guys.


Prissy has a red, chin-length pageboy hair cut with sidebangs and green eyes. She has pale skin with freckles. She wears a purple and black shirt.