SHS character
Raven Fallon
Aliases Raven Logan
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Age 21-22
Family Cynthia Fallon (mother)
Mitch Marooney (step-father)
Mal Fallon (uncle; from Cause of Death)
Denni Fallon (half-sister)
Boyfriend Heart John Johnson (optional)
First Football Season
Latest A Fallon Family Christmas

Raven Fallon is one of the original main characters created and she was originally one of the girls John could date. Raven was the original goth girl and her younger half sister is Denni. Raven's most notable storyline, depending on how John has played the game, is her relationship with John.

Storylines Edit

These are Raven's storylines if John chooses to date her.

Raven is one of the original main characters and she first appears when she stands up for new guy John who is being beaten up by school quarterback Adam. Raven later invites John to a goth concert which John attends. John and Raven then start dating, however when it spreads around school that John spent the night with Raven, Raven breaks up with John as she is afraid of being hurt by a jock. Raven's best friend, Dinah, notices that Raven is depressed without John and tries to convince John to get back together with Raven. John then attends the vampire ball and he gets back together with Raven. Raven and John settle down together from here.

Raven then graduates from high school and goes to Centerscore University. John joins her one year later. Raven studies poetry in college along with Adam. Raven and John carry on dating throughout college. When Brendan has a crush on Dinah, Raven convinces Brendan to ask her out. Brendan and Dinah then get together. After Raven has been at college for one year, her younger half sister, Denni, joins Centerscore High. Dinah also graduates from Centerscore High and is Raven's room mate.



She is friends with Dinah and Spike and often gives advice about relationships to the former.


Raven's parents are divorced; she no longer sees her father, and her mother spends most nights with her boyfriend, leaving Raven to live alone.

She is half sisters with fellow Centerscore Student Denni. People never think that they look alike, but Denni gets really sensitive and is as not-conforming as her half-sister.

Her uncle is Mal Fallon, detective in the game Cause of Death, also by EA Games.


When she's not watching horror movies or shopping for the latest goth fashions, you can find Raven at the nearest mosh pit--especially if 'Blood Baby' is having a concert.

Raven is a goth student who can be tough when she wants to. Raven has a heart and she is obsessed with goth clothing, music and horror movies.



Raven in HD without any make-up.

Raven has pale, almost purple, skin and long, black hair that masks one eye to portray a gothic style. She has green eyes and wears a red tank top.


Raven is currently on her fourth year in college and she is 21-22 years old.