SHS character
Ryan Powell
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Age 22-23
Grade Senior
Brother Fryan
Friends Friends Travis, Kenji Black, Megan Hopkins
Enemies Enemies Brendan Berg
First Football Season (Cameo)
Final Series Finale
Belch! This pasta is terrible! Declare war on Europe! Launch the stealth bears!

–Ryan Powell

Ryan Powell is an original character who is a member of the auto club. He is known to be a bully, and crazy.

Duration: Football Star - Troublemakers: Season 4


Ryan, for the majority of Surviving High School has only been a background character.


If you think there's something refreshing about meeting a true, unrepentant dirtbag... Consider yourself refreshed!

Ryan is a bully and essentially enjoys teasing others. He is also a member of the auto club, meaning he is also into cars. Quite possibly Ryan's most notable characteristic is his infatuation to females. He has a self proclaimed 'pathetic nature'.


Ryan has black hair on top of a red cap that is on backwards. Ryan additionally has gray eyes and a black goatee. One of his teeth is missing. He wears a black shirt.


Ryan is 22-23. He was most recently a senior. He has been a senior since the game began meaning this is his sixth year as a senior.


  • Ryan is a dis battler.
  • He got held back 5 times, meaning he got held back the most out of any character.
  • He is the only character to be a senior every year.
  • He's the oldest student in Twin Branches High.
  • Ryan's phone number is 555-5283.
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