Spud the Stud
Season 1, Episode 14
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Lost Recipe
Local lothario Hector helps the nerdy Spud improve his game so he can win over his ex-girlfriend, Kat- who is now dating Brendan!


This episode is about Spud as he still mourns about his break-up with Kat and wants her back. While crying at the parking lot Hector finds him and offers him help. Spud learns new tricks and also gets a new look. After checking perfumes, rough attire and even learned to be more brave and flirt, Spud confronts Kat. Once Spud admits he still has feelings for Kat, she is quite confused and cant decide between Brendan and Spud. Spud then kisses Kat and she kisses back! Dinah finds out and she starts worrying if she should tell. Once the kiss ends Kat leaves the scene without another word.